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ThermaZan Fat burner pill and Fat loss supplements


Effective fat burners and fat loss supplements work in a way to boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories even when you are at rest. I'm sure you know people who can eat anything they want and never gain a pound while you just LOOK at what they eat and you can gain 5 pounds?  These lucky people have a high metabolism which helps them burn calories and fat even when they're not doing anything.  ThermaZan provides benefits that will increase your energy from stored fat which will burn calories 24 hours per day, and even after your worst meals.



ThermaZan - reduce body fat, increase energy, burn calories


Are you overweight and need to put off at least 15 pounds or more, but seem to be stuck in the cycle of losing weight and putting it back on? If you have problems such as...


Little or no time to exercise
A busy lifestyle with lots of “bad meals”
Bad metabolism making it easier to gain weight than to lose it
Sometimes losing all hope and seriously lacking motivation Short periods in which you gain it all back...


Then you already know that shakes and conventional diets and weight loss products will NOT work for you. The fact is, bad meals do sneak in, you probably don’t exercise as much as you should, and there are probably times that you set your weight problem aside and really “dig in” to delicious but oh so fattening foods.


therma zan fat loss supplements
  1. ThermaZan burns calories and stored fat cells.  You start losing weight even when you're not dieting by breaking down and melting off excess body fat.
  1. ThermaZan releases energy from your stored fat making you less hungry.  Never feel starved, mentally drained, or trembling with lack of energy again!




Independent studies have shown that the clinically proven ingredients in Thermazan reduced body fat and induced significant weight loss over 45 days. This means you can lose weight using nothing but safe, natural and clinically proven ingredients.



ThermaZan fat burner pill can help you reduce your body fat and lose more inches faster than dieting alone!



Understanding the difference between losing weight and losing excess body fat


Have you ever seen someone who has lost a lot of weight but their thighs and arms look like jello?  Their skin is loose and just "hanging".  You have to burn approximately 3000 calories to lose one pound of fat.  However, when you burn 3000 calories you might reduce your weight by 2 or 3 pounds - but only one pound lost will be fat.  The rest may be water loss and/or muscle tissue.  


Cutting your calorie intake by 3000 calories is not the same as burning 3000 calories.  Burning calories requires some type of physical activity or increased energy that boosts your metabolism, whereas lowering your calorie intake only requires to eat less.  If you lose more weight than fat, you will end up with loose skin;  and the more weight you lose without building muscle mass, the more your body will look like a bowl of jello.  


Fat burner pills or fat loss supplements such as ThermaZan can help increase your energy and boost your metabolism to give you the stamina necessary to burn calories to lose pounds of fat and not just weight.  Effective fat burners make you less hungry because the released energy from stored fat is burning off fat cells even when you're not physically active at the time. 



What is body fat and how do you accumulate it?


Put simply, too much body fat is the result of an excess of calorie intake from foods and drinks.  If you eat big meals (or drink a lot - any drink high in calories:  alcohol, soda pop, juices) and you don't give your body time to digest properly and use the energy from those calories to burn fat (continue to be active after you eat), you'll gain weight and accumulate fat.  An example would be eating late at night just before you go to bed or if you eat too much and you feel so full that you can't move so you just sit there trying to digest those calories.  Foods high in fat require less calories to produce excess body fat (fried foods, sauces and gravies, baked goods, etc.).  


When you eat more calories than your body needs to function normally, this excess of calories is turned into stored fat.  ThermaZan uses your stored fat to turn it into energy to help you burn more calories.



What is an acceptable body fat level?


Most medical professionals consider that men should have 18% or less body fat, and women 23% or less.  Most people have more body fat than these norms (even slim people) and it is not usually dangerous until you reach an unacceptable level at which point obesity occurs.  Someone who is overweight is considered obese once they reach approximately 35-40% of body fat which can also become dangerous to your health.  Excess body fat can lead to high cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and so on.



How do you burn and reduce body fat?


The only way to reduce body fat is to burn more energy (calories) than you consume.  Stored fat is turned into energy to make you feel less hungry and allows for prolonged physical activities, even if it is only to clean the house or do yard work. 


Eat more often and lose more weight


Many people skip meals thinking if they eat less they'll lose more weight.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If your body only gets one or two meals per day, it will store every bit of it into fat because it doesn't know when it will get more food. 


The key to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF is to eat more often but eat smaller meals and good foods.  Three balanced meals per day and healthy snacks (fruits or vegetables) will make you lose more weight AND fat than skipping meals.  We all indulge in fast foods, baked goods or other bad foods every now and then.  That's ok, as long as it's not your daily eating routine.



Being physically active and exercising - same thing?


Not literally.  You can be physically active without exercising per se.  You don't need to walk miles or go to the gym every day to lose fat.  For someone who is physically inactive most of the time, just gardening and yard work, shoveling snow, cleaning the house, or doing minor home or car repairs will help burn calories.  Walking is a great exercise.  Instead of driving to the corner store, walk.  Walking 20 minutes just three times per week will help you keep your heart healthy, give you more energy and you'll lose weight without even trying.



What is ThermaZan?


ThermaZan is a new natural diet/weight loss fat burner pill that helps burn excess body fat.  It releases energy from stored fat, improves your metabolism and burns calories, even after your worst meals.


ThermaZan is a completely natural product made of ancient ingredients used by modern medicine. It is ephedra free and contains these three primary ingredients:

Yerba mate: Controls appetite, increases metabolism & reduces fat
Guarana: Releases energy out of stored fat to lose weight and reduce cravings
Cayenne: Reduces appetite by releasing energy from dietary fats

Because these ingredients burn fat and make sure your body doesn't absorb all the fat you eat, you solve both sides of the problem and lose your excess weight and body fat faster than with any other product.


Is it possible for a pill to burn and lower body fat?


If you have a weight problem that just won’t go away because you take in more calories than you're losing, ThermaZan is for you. Whether the cause is a busy lifestyle, lack of exercise or occasional “very bad meals”, ThermaZan attacks your weight problem on two sides and helps to literally melt off your excess fat.


A process called “thermogenesis” (or the production of heat as a by product of a healthy metabolism) fiercely burns fat, calories and stored fat cells. The ingredients in ThermaZan are geared to the release of energy in these fat cells and is actively burning them off, even when you’re not exercising.

The released energy increases your metabolism and helps to reduce your appetite. Because you already use energy stored in fat cells, you don’t need as much from food intake. You eat less without getting that starved, completely drained feeling you get from dieting.



Can you target a specific part of your body to lose fat?


No.  Let's say that you walk or run often.  Your legs will be more muscular than your arms or stomach but it doesn't necessarily mean that your legs are leaner and have less fat than the rest of your body.  The energy used to build the muscles in your legs could have come from your neck, belly or arms. Exercising a specific area of your body does not guarantee fat loss in this area although it will make that part look better.  Unless you're an athlete or fitness fanatic and exercise regularly to keep your body fat to low levels everywhere, you cannot target specific body parts to lose fat.



"I’ve been using ThermaZan for 4 weeks now and I’ve lost 5.5lbs, and my skin feels smoother and tighter. I love this!! I know most people are skeptical when trying a new product (all of my friends were). All I can say is if you don’t try something new, you won’t see a change. It was really your money back guarantee that gave me the confidence to try ThermaZan²...I’m so glad I did!"

---- Kelly Larsen

In just a few months you’ll be thinner, healthier and feel confident in your own body again. Think of how attractive this makes you to your partner and peers, and how liberating it is to finally be able to wear the clothes you want to wear. Even if nobody thought you could do it, now you can amaze them all and prove that you can look good, feel great and achieve what you put your mind to. Act now and choose to look better than you’ve looked in years. You can expect to see results even in your first week and look back on this moment as one of the best decisions you’ve made in a long, long time.

ThermaZan² works!

ThermaZan is backed with a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you're unsatisfied with ThermaZan simply return the unused portion within 60 days of the purchase date for full refund- no questions asked. How can you go wrong? 

Order ThermaZan² now!

If you order ThermaZan² right now, you'll get, free of charge, the e-book titled “71 Ways to Lose Weight Easily and Effectively”, which you immediately receive online so you can start losing weight the second you place your order.

It contains 71 honest and straightforward ways that cut through the theory and go straight to time-proven strategies that help you lose weight. They are what we like to call “uncommon sense” – logical and sensible ideas that are hardly used, often forgotten yet highly effective if you need to lose weight fast.

Unlike many similar products, ThermaZan features completely discreet packaging and 100% secure online ordering. We keep your privacy safe at all costs! For a limited time order 2 bottles and receive a 3rd free!

These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration, and individual results may vary.  ThermaZan should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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