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Pure hoodia gordonii


A natural appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement that really works!



Are YOU ready to finally lose weight without starving yourself? 


Managing your weight loss is no simple task.   Hoodia Gordonii is a strong natural appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement that has made the news worldwide because it has proven to be extremely effective to suppress and control appetite and to delay the time it takes to feel hungry again - without side effects.  The major benefit is that hoodia gordonii contains NO stimulants - it contains no ephedra (ephedrine) and is caffeine free.   Results of human clinical trials in Britain suggest that hoodia may reduce the appetite by hundreds of calories a day or more.  Imagine the weight you could lose! 


What is Hoodia Gordonii?


Hoodia gordonii looks like a cactus, but it's actually a succulent from the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa. The San people have been using hoodia for centuries to help fight hunger during their extended hunting trips in the desert. There are many variations of the herb, but only the gordonii has natural appetite suppressant qualities.  




Hoodia Gordonii availability, dosage and prices


It takes 5 to 7 years for the hoodia gordonii succulent to mature and provide appetite suppressant qualities.  With all the attention that hoodia has been receiving worldwide in the last few years, the available African (the ONLY reliable source for pure hoodia - it is NOT a Chinese herb!) reserves of pure hoodia gordonii have decreased dramatically.  As a result, the African government has limited the amount it exports and the number of suppliers to receive it.  It is extremely important to look for certification before you buy pure hoodia gordonii diet products.  High dosage pills are more than likely filled with useless (and possibly dangerous) fillers (as seen in the scam below, some even used sawdust - not something you want to ingest on a daily basis!).  Remember that 1000 mg equals one gram. It takes a LOT of powder to make one gram.  BEWARE!


Hoodia gordonii is quite affordable and reasonably priced compared to other herbal and prescription diet pills.  The average price for pure hoodia gordonii, for a one month's supply is between $29.95 and $39.95.  Buying products that don't work at lower prices are not a bargain, it's a waste of money.



Safe, easy, fast and affordable weight loss 

YOU can do it!



weight lossThe scale will no longer be your worst enemy!  YOU can achieve your ideal weight with the help of Hoodia Balance.  If you've tried all kinds of diet products before, you've replaced meals with shakes, low carb diets that left you hungry, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and others, prescription diet pills and their nasty side effects and high costs, and you STILL have weight to lose, it's time you give true pure hoodia gordonii a try.  You will be amazed at the quick results!  It is affordable, safe, natural, has no side effects, works fast, and will cut your total calorie intake by several hundred calories per day. Eat less, lose weight - it's that simple!



What are the benefits of the hoodia herb

  • tricks your brain into thinking you're full and not hungry
  • delay in the time after eating before you feel hungry again
  • feeling full more quickly so you eat a lot less
  • general feeling of well-being
  • works within a few minutes after taking the first pill for most people, it may take up to two weeks to fully feel the appetite suppressant effects to their maximum
  • natural appetite suppressant with no known side effects
  • ephedra and caffeine free
  • quick results and safe weight loss
  • affordable


In fact, pure hoodia gordonii is so effective as a natural appetite suppressant that many pharmaceutical companies are looking to turn it into a prescribed drug! 


Hoodia Gordonii in the news

Hoodia gordonii scam exposed by independent investigation
Truth Publishing can reveal that Pure Hoodia, Inc. is a company now selling counterfeit hoodia. While we believe that Pure Hoodia originally sold genuine hoodia in 2004, we have now completed (and paid for) independent lab testing that shows the Pure Hoodia product to be counterfeit.

As the popularity of hoodia skyrocketed since mid-2004, the bulk materials hoodia suppliers in South Africa were getting squeezed. Demand was skyrocketing, but the supply of hoodia couldn't be ramped up overnight. In fact, the hoodia gordonii plant requires 5 - 7 years to reach maturity, so there was a sudden shortage of raw material.

(personal comment:  If you're buying real CHEAP hoodia gordonii, you're not getting the real product and you really don't know what you're buying, so BEWARE!)

Pure Hoodia, Inc. is selling counterfeit hoodia as verified by independent lab testing (actual documents revealed below).  Three separate tests were conducted and each test found no trace of hoodia in the products tested.

-  Pure Hoodia, Inc. is failing to fill their capsules with the promised quantity of powder. Our tests on a digital scale showed that capsules from the PureHoodia.com company contained only 290mg of powder, not 400mg. (Actual digital scale results and photos shown below.)  Sawdust was used as filler!

-  Pure Hoodia, Inc. has sought to steal intellectual property from a competing hoodia company by attempting to preemptively register / steal its trademark and product name. (Documents shown below.)

-  Pure Hoodia, Inc. operates several companies and brands of Hoodia, including the Hoodonii and Slimtron product lines, which are advertised and promoted as separate companies, but are actually owned and controlled by the same people.

Pure Hoodia, Inc. operates a series of fake "consumer comparison" websites that deceive consumers into purchasing their "top-rated" products, which are always products owned or controlled by the Pure Hoodia, Inc. operators.

Read the entire investigative report

My personal opinion on the above and other comparison sites
BEWARE of comparison sites that claim to compare natural supplements! No one ever tries every single product they list on those sites (diet and weight loss, body part enlargement, and sexual enhancement sites for example). They would have to take each product for an extended period of time to be able to provide a RELIABLE comparison.  In order to provide truthful results for each one, each product would have to be taken for several months, if not years, to be able to obtain results, or not, and then report their own personal findings.  Comparison sites list natural and other supplements according to the percentage of commission they receive for each one. The higher the commission paid for a specific product, the higher it will feature on the comparison list.  Most of those sites are owned by individuals, not companies, and have NO idea what they're REALLY selling and couldn't care less if the products work. Anyone can read a list of ingredients, but do you KNOW which ones are the most powerful to achieve the results YOU want?  A long list of ingredients rarely means better because there isn't enough of each herb in the pill to fully give the benefits of any of them.  Less herbs and quality ingredients that are known to have the healing power or ability to give you the results you're looking to achieve is what you should look for when buying natural supplements - always choose quality over quantity in a list of ingredients!  In some instances, combining herbs that have the same qualities only negates their effectiveness, not reinforce their strength and some herbs don't mix well together.  What you really want is a small combination of herbs that complement each other.  For a pill that lists a long list of herbs to be effective and provide the full benefits that each herb should it would have to be so big it wouldn't fit in your mouth!

CBS 60 minutes
"When we located the plant, Kruiper cut off a stalk that looked like a small spiky pickle, and removed the sharp spines. In the interest of science, Stahl ate it. She described the taste as "a little cucumbery in texture, but not bad."

So how did it work? Stahl says she had no after effects no funny taste in her mouth, no queasy stomach, and no racing heart. She also wasn't hungry all day, even when she would normally have a pang around mealtime. And, she also had no desire to eat or drink the entire day. "I'd have to say it did work," says Stahl."
Read the whole story

"Dr. Richard Goldfarb thinks it works. He is the medical director of research and development at Bucks County Clinical Research. He says hoodia isn't a stimulant but it works on the brain.

Goldfarb: "The appetite suppressant effect -- after it accumulates in your system, after only a few days that we saw in our study has shown that people will cut their calories probably in less than half and their not desiring any additional food.""
Read the whole story

BBC News, UK
When the first human clinical trial was conducted, a morbidly obese group of people were placed in a "phase 1 unit", a place as close to prison as it gets. All the volunteers could do all day was read papers, watch television, and eat.

Half were given Hoodia, half placebo. Fifteen days later, the Hoodia group had reduced their calorie intake by 1000 a day.  It was a stunning success.

In order to see for ourselves, we drove into the desert, four hours north of Capetown in search of the cactus.  Once there, we found an unattractive plant which sprouts about 10 tentacles, and is the size of a long cucumber.  At about 1800hrs I ate about half a banana size - and later so did my cameraman.  Soon after, we began the four hour drive back to Capetown.

The plant is said to have a feel-good almost aphrodisiac quality, and I have to say, we felt good.  But more significantly, we did not even think about food. Our brains really were telling us we were full. It was a magnificent deception.

Dinner time came and went. We reached our hotel at about midnight and went to bed without food. And the next day, neither of us wanted nor ate breakfast.  I ate lunch but without appetite and very little pleasure. Partial then full appetite returned slowly after 24 hours.  Read the whole story

"One San hunter says "I learned it from my forefathers. It is my food, my water, my medicine."

It's medicine because a little hoodia can kill severe hunger pains and quench the most powerful thirst. For the desert hunter it is a godsend.  Now one man's cure for hunger is turning into another's diet drug." 
Read the whole story



Does pure hoodia gordonii have any side effects?

Hoodia gordonii is completely safe, contains no stimulants and has no known side effects.  It contains no ephedra/ephedrine or caffeine.  It will not make you feel uneasy or agitated and does not prevent a good night's sleep like most prescribed diet drugs.  Of course, there's always someone who will experience an adverse reaction to anything no matter how safe it is for the rest of us.  If you're in doubt, taking prescribed medication or over-the-counter drugs, you should check with your doctor before taking any herbal supplements. 


How to take Hoodia pills

It is recommended to take one hoodia gordonii weight loss supplement about one hour before a meal twice per day - at lunch and dinner time.  Pills at stronger dosage (over 500 mg and up to 750mg) should only be taken once a day, at lunch time.  Hoodia goes to work within a few minutes, making you less hungry almost instantly so you'll eat a lot less, and it will leave you with a "full" feeling that will prolong the time before you feel hungry again.  By cutting down on the amount of food you eat at every meal, every day, the extra weight comes off quick.  With no food cravings or snacking in between meals because you don't feel hungry and your brain is telling you that you don't want food, this further speeds up your weight loss.  


Look for certification before buying!

Like most supplements, pure hoodia gordonii can vary from lot to lot in raw materials. The only way to standardize the pure form from the Kalahari Desert is by certification. Products meeting this standard are rigorously inspected and tested to insure their origin and species. It doesn't matter whether you buy hoodia gordonii from us or another site, just make sure you are really buying a product that does contain hoodia gordonii because only the gordonii species has appetite suppressant qualities.  If the product does not display a CLICKABLE and VERIFIABLE certification of any kind, you are not buying hoodia gordonii.  If you are not buying a product that specifies "hoodia gordonii" then it will NOT work as an appetite suppressant.   



Hoodia Gordonii Plus

One month's supply
60 capsules
30 day supply
400 mg per capsule of PURE Hoodia Gordonii 

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3 $104.95


6 month supply

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Hoodia Balance

One month's supply
30 capsules

only one capsule per day
30 day supply
750 mg per capsule of PURE Hoodia Gordonii 

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# of Bottles  Price
1 $29.95
2 $59.95
3 $79.95


6 month supply

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hoodia gordonii graphicIf you live outside of the US and/or you're not sure about hoodia or if it will work for you, I would strongly recommend to buy hoodia gordonii from this supplier.  Their hoodia product is legitimate and certified PLUS it comes with a 60 DAY - 100% money back guarantee PLUS you get a free e-book on weight loss that explains 71 ways to lose weight effectively.  It's a bit more expensive but you have the security of the money back guarantee and you get a little more for your money.




These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration, and individual results may vary.  Hoodia should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

common misspellings: hoodia gordoni, hoodia gordonnii, hoodia gordini, gordinii, gordon, hoodia gordonni, hodia