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Daily disposable contact lenses

Daily disposable lens price comparison

Day and night contact lens product specification comparison

If you wear contact lenses, you can save a lot of money!  If you are looking to buy or order disposable contact lenses online, you can save up to 50% on your daily disposable contact lenses compared to other internet prices.

Why should you wear daily soft disposable contact lenses?

If you're not following the cleaning instructions perfectly for your contact lenses, either because you occasionally forget or just don't have time, daily disposable contact lenses are the perfect solution for you.  One-day (day and night) disposable contact lenses are thrown out every night and replaced with a new pair of contact lenses the next morning.  

  • The more often you replace contact lenses, the healthier and more comfortable your eyes will be.  
  • Dirt, dust and other deposits can affect the clarity of your contact lenses over time, even with daily cleaning.
  • Long-term use contact lenses can make your eyes more prone to infection.
  • Contact lenses, just like eye glasses, can get permanently scratched and affect your vision, even cause more eye problems in some cases.
  • Contact lenses cleaning solutions get expensive in the long run.

Many eye care doctors and those who wear contact lenses prefer daily disposables because:

  • it's convenient
  • there is no cleaning required
  • it reduces the day-to-day buildup on your contact lenses
  • minimizes the risks of getting scratches all over them
  • no increased risks of more eye problems because you don't tend to forget to take them out when you go to bed, or not as often

Daily disposable contact lens price comparison

Daylens™ is the highest specification one-day disposable soft contact lens in the world. See how daylens™ performs against other leading contact lens manufacturers.

 Choose Daylens™ and SAVE $40 per month compared with leading web prices of Johnson & Johnson 1 Day Acuvue.

 Choose Daylens™ and SAVE $20 per month compared with leading web prices of Bausch & Lomb Soflens One Day.

 Choose Daylens™ and SAVE $20 per month compared with leading web prices of CIBA Focus Dailies.

 Choose Daylens™ and you get 32 lenses per box compared with only 30 lenses in packs from Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb and CIBA.



1 Day Brands Specification Comparison
Johnson & Johnson
1-Day Acuvue
Bausch Lomb
Soflens One Day
Focus Dailies
Handling tint Yes
Yes No
UV Filter Yes
No No
Power range - Minus up to... -12.50 -12.00 -9.00 -10.00
Power range - Plus up to... +8.00 +6.00 +6.50 +6.00
Water content 72% 58% 70% 69%
'Soft-Edge' ™ design Yes No No No
Lenses per box 32 30 30 30
Prescription Trial Lenses Yes No No No

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*ALL orders include a four day prescription trial.